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Problem Solving Focused Brief Therapy

Problem-solving, focused, brief therapy, was developed in M.R.I  (Mental Research Institute) in Palo Alto, Cal.

Jay Haley (one of the approach developers) calls it strategic because it is an approach in which the therapist initiates what will happen during the treatment and adjusts the therapeutic intervention to the presenting problem of the customers. 

In this approach, the therapist assumes responsibility for creating change by directly influencing the way the customer  is dealing with his presented difficulty in such a way that the problem persists. The goal is to change the “unsuccessful” way of coping to another way that results in optimal success and resolution

This site is offered to those who are involved in the therapeutic professions and who want to enrich the range of options for intervention and change

In addition, the site invites anyone who is curious, to expand the knowledge of issues that  deal with solving life problems, and wants to  apply the principles for self-help. The approach presented on the site is friendly, uses natural language to explain its principles, “cuts” various props, and allows useful and long-lasting results, in focused and short interventions

Learning the approach can be, either individually or in groups, through the online learning program. The site brings a lot of my experience  knowledge and insights, I have gained since the mid-1980s, when I was with the developers, the researchers and the practitioners, at the Mental Research Institute, from whom I learned directly and personally. 

I believe that exposure to the content of the online learning program will arouse interest and add to the personal toolbox, creative ways to implement solutions of diverse problems in life.

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The Problem-solving, focused, short-term therapy model, allows the process to be adapted to the nature of the problem and the context in which it exists; Individual, family, social or organizational context. The focus is on the patterns of solutions the customer uses, with regard to his difficulties, without a success to which he is aiming. The end result of the therapeutic intervention is aimed at getting the client to act differently in connection with his or her difficulties and reach an optimal solution for him or her or for any other system.

Areas of therapy and counseling

Family therapy;   Couples  and individual therapy, with an emphasis on strengthening intimate and interpersonal relationships and communication.

Organizational  consulting – Building an organizational strategy, with a Focused Approach in result, emphasizing on the human factor.

Therapy and Counseling

Therapy and Counseling

Family therapy, Couples  and individual therapy, with an emphasis on strengthening intimate and interpersonal relationships     and communication.

Self Learning

Self-learning, through the online learning system, which is the heart of the site. Learning is tailored to personal progress, selecting topics of interest based on the learner’s personal knowledge, experience and curiosity.

Collaborative learning
training, practice

Personalized learning, through an online learning system, plus group meetings to process personalized learning in peer collaboration, according to the constructivist learning model.

Group Learning: Participants will learn the basic ideas of the approach, the ways in which problems are created, the ways to solve the problems, and the construction of the intervention plan to achieve the desired change for the individual or system at the center of the intervention.

Lectures and meetings

Selected topics, from the general program, focused on, one-on-one meetings to expand interests, in line with learners.

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