The Idea of “Creative Circle”
1. Creative Circle

Most people manage to cope with their life problems successfully most of the time. Sometimes, however, they try to manage a particular difficulty and do not reach the desired outcome. Repeated unsuccessful attempts may lead to a feeling of being trapped in a vicious cycle. This is one of the situations that leads persons to seek professional help in clarifying what is interfering with their attaining the desired result. The service offered here is a professionally guided effort, using the technique of the “creative circle,” to identify the blockages and discover more effective pathways to the goal.

2. Individual / Couples / Family / Adolescent Therapy

Individual psychotherapy, as usually practiced, is a continuation of the medical-model tradition premised on the notion that every problem has a root cause within the person; this intra-personal cause, once located, is the site of the change that the therapy seeks to effect, usually a very slow process. Beginning in the 1960’s alternative viewpoints began to emerge, based on the belief that problems are most often generated by interactions between two or more persons. The best-known of these newer approaches are the behavioral model and the systems model. The researchers and clinicians at the Mental Research Institute in California were among those disillusioned with traditional long-term methods of psychotherapy and were actively engaged in seeking brief, effective ways human problems could be resolved.

The focused problem-solving, brief therapy, they invented, is systems-oriented and uses strategic planning and interventions, designed to accommodate each client’s specific problem and to help him or her reach the desired goal. The theory and practice conceived in Palo Alto inspired many of the problem-solving therapies and family therapies which have emerged since.

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3. Organizational Consulting and Development

Soon after my initial exposure to the problem-solving brief therapy school of thought in Palo Alto, I participated in a training program on organizational consulting and development, with a focus on the “management by objectives” approach. Having discovered insights common to both viewpoints, I realized that they can be jointly implemented in meeting the challenges of family, social ,educational, and business frameworks. The common bond between the roles of therapist and of organizational consultant is their emphasis on perceiving the relevancy of internal and external features of systems. Peter Drucker, the renowned management and business expert, defined the role of organizational consultant as “organizational ecologist.” I find this definition fitting for the role of systems therapist as well in that it expresses the essence of both approaches to promoting change in systems. If you are interested in learning, training, or developing personal knowledge of the implementation of problem-solving brief therapy in organizational consulting, please contact me.

4. Learning, Training, Counseling for Employees and Organizations

Perhaps the “heart” of this site is the online learning program it offers. Online learning, based on constructivist learning principles, recognizes not only that each of us has his or her own way of learning but also that we bring our own life experiences and knowledge, our own professional beliefs, and our own point of view to the learning process. The online instruction allows each of us the opportunity to access information and transform it into personal knowledge in the way we choose. The online learning can take place in an individual context or conjointly with an online community of learners or open peer groups. These choices are supported by online discussions, presentation of cumulative experience, and the exchange of feedback for the testing of new ideas in professional practice or in private life. The online learning at this site is accompanied by illustrations and short films and can be enriched with complementary knowledge acquired from other sites. Please contact me to explore opportunities to inquire more deeply into the contents of the learning program.

Additional learning can be facilitated through lectures which will be planned in accordance with the applicant’s needs and goals

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