Set the desired solution to the customer

It is very important for the process to get the desired results for the customer. In order to get it, a therapist may ask the following questions:
“?What will be, for you, the first sign of improvement”-
“?What would you want to happen to you, as a minimum possible resulting, from treatment-

  “?If everything will be all right with you,  how will it look like”-

Asking such questions turns out that people have difficulty in thinking about the results in defined terms. The answers are usually vague and inclusive; “to have a better relationship”, “be happy”, “not nervous”. It is important to remember that these answers are not of strategic value; they do not provide open criteria for observation and testing.

Directed questions can help get more strategic answers: “When you will relate better, how will it look like?”; “What will be the sign that shows you are happy?”
Answering these questions is not simple, so a therapist can ask applicants to think about the questions until the upcoming meeting. Guidance to think over, till the next meeting, is a significant step in a therapeutic intervention. Such a step puts a pressure on the applicant to define his desired change. This step may be called generalized intervention.