The caller asks for a family meeting

In some cases the applicant would like to make an appointment  for the whole family. Such applications can be vague and undefined. When the problem is not defined you should check with the applicant if there is a specific problem that concerns him and brought him to contact the therapist. Obviously this can define clearly the reason for referral and to prevent waste of energy and time working with each system.

The applicant can specify a personal problem, a problem of a child or a problem between the couple. In addition, it can indicate that someone, a third person; a friend, or a professional therapist suggested that they seek marital and family therapy

Getting clear picture about the referral can facilitate the therapist to make a decision whether to invite, for the first session, the applicant himself, or the whole family system
;It is important to reiterate one of the elements of focused problem-solving brief therapy

…The one who is calling, does it because he intends to complete a cycle

The caller would be likely to give the most information to help himself and others

Also, he would be found the most willingness to cooperate to bring about change.