Guidelines for the learners

You  are about to learn the brief-therapy, solution-focused, therapeutic approach. Learning will be done through a prepared and ready tutorial. It is proper to enter the learning site for 15-20 minutes each time. You can gain long term benefits from slow learning

During each lesson it is recommended:
A. personal learning:
– Note 3-5 new concepts to yourself.
– Introduce to yourself an explanation what led to select this concepts.
Note to yourself what aspects, you have learned, are difficult / interesting / useful.
Note to yourself what you have learned, personally, from the material that was transferred to you (general knowledge, specific knowledge to your need, anything else …).
C. group learning:
– Prepare, according your notes, comments or questions for clarification.
– There you can introduce your comments or questions to the instructor and other learners.
– Presentation of ideas, thoughts and questions will be of personal notes.
– List for yourself the comments (relevant to you) of the members and turn them to personal information knowledge.
Keep your comments to yourself until the end of learning.
At the end of the learning program you will have in your hands a list of the whole learning process as it was for you.