(The word metaphor in Greek, means “to move from one place to another”  (Mac Dermott, 1974
The metaphor is a form of symbolic language used many hundreds of years as a method of teaching in different fields. Allegory in the  Bible and the New Bible, at the Kabbalah, allegorical literature, imagery poetry and, legends of storytellers – all used metaphors to convey an idea in a significant indirect way
Metaphor is the key to the process of inclusion of the brain where experience takes one form to another; an “outside” self  to “inside” self  (Jimenez, 1976). Use of metaphors expands the private world of learners and sets them free from outside stereotypical perceptions and their forced impact on them and turns their ideas to a personal creative process (Jimenez, 1976; Duhl, 1983, Kopp, 1972
Metaphor thinking releases from need to deal with a possible final result accuracy. At the same time it increases in man the possibility to get, as close as possible, to the expected result